3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Agent Website

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How many individual realtors in your area have agent websites? How many firms have websites? And what about the MLS website? It’s 2020. Everyone does. Despite all that, you have to make sure to drive them to YOUR website, not theirs. But how can you do this? Here are 3 ways to drive traffic to your website!

Content and SEO

Yes, we know: There is an ocean of content out there and let’s be fair… a good portion of it is not seen by many people. But there’s also a reason people are creating and sharing content: There’s a demand for it. You just have to make sure you create content that is REALLY valuable for viewers and attractive for search engines.

With content marketing, it’s not about selling yourself, it’s about providing people with the information they are looking for or didn’t know they needed. And it doesn’t mean it always has to be serious. As long as you provide valuable information, presenting it in a humoristic way is a great way to personalize the whole thing. They always say it either has to be informational or entertaining… How about you combine the two!

What do we mean by valuable? What is “good content”? Whether it’s a blog, video, static image, or anything else on your agent website, it has to be relevant, unique, timely/current, and about your local market! To help you figure out what content fits those adjectives, you can use keyword researching tools such as Google Adwords that will allow you to put keywords together to get those long-tail phrases that are now more commonly used by searchers! You can also use Google Trends to find out what the most trending topics in real estate are.

Social Media: Pick your platforms

Of course, in a perfect world you have multiple pieces of content posted daily on every single platform available… but let’s be realistic. Look, you’re a real estate professional, not a marketer. You already have enough on your plate. It’s about picking the platforms that fit your needs and committing to them. Whichever platform you choose, you can drive traffic to your agent website by having a link to it in your bio.

Here’s what you should pick from:

Facebook: An absolute no-brainer, but it is saturated. You will have to provide a lot of content that focuses on potential customers, not just on your business. Make sure you have your Facebook Business page set up with professional branding.
Join Facebook groups that are localized for your geography.  Focus on events in your community.  Provide your listings about 20% of the time so you’re not too pushy.
Also, drive followers to your agent website blog posts with intriguing “teasers” about the content they will find.
Instagram: It is a perfect place for realtors because of how visual the platform is. It’s a great way to run ads in your area or share your listings and open houses in photo or video form!
LinkedIn: Place to join groups and post reports, pieces of content, and other articles that make you look like an expert.
Twitter: If your goal is to gain a following, you will have to tweet massively. This platform is a good place to give little tips about home staging for example! You can also use Twitter to connect with local business owners and become more well-known in your community.
YouTube:This one is less talked about for real estate professionals, but it is catching up. Totally visual platform you can show videos of your listings, open houses, congratulatory videos, client review videos and more!
The most important: Google owns YouTube. That means that creating YouTube videos boost your SEO and give you extra exposure and chance of being discovered on Google search.

Maximize your results! You should be posting 3-5 times per week on each platform you choose. If you feel like this is something you definitely don’t have enough time to manage, we can help you. We offer branded, data-driven video content.  It not only educates your audience, but also presents you as an expert in the field.

Always Update Your Agent Website

Before we talk about the continuous process that is the updating of your website, let’s start with the obvious. As mentioned in the intro, it’s 2020: Everybody has a website. And a lot of them look nice. Every realtor with a website has either designed his/her own through with a popular software of hired a freelancer to do it.

The problem is, all these websites look the same. What you need is a professional real estate agent website. Something that is tailored specifically real estate and that allows you to capture leads directly.  This is something we can do for you.

If you are familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), you know how important updating your website is.  As well as making sure you properly use keywords, the design is user-friendly, optimized, and ADA compliant. That means always adding new content to it. Not only is it what your website viewers want and expect, but it is also something that impacts your performance on Google searches tremendously by increasing your authoritative status.

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