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Our mission is to empower real estate professionals with the online tools they need to market their business and listings. We arm our members with the tools, content, and marketing solutions to maintain a competitive edge in the real estate industry.

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About Zentap

Zentap enables real estate businesses to thrive with software that streamlines digital marketing to help gain more leads and close more business.   The company was founded on the premise of creating software and a service to help Real Estate Agents who felt lost with their digital marketing efforts. Thus helping them put the zen back into their marketing with just a tap.  

We offer a multitude of products through the Zentap dashboard for creating branded content to grow their business including Local Market Updates, Single Data Snapshots, Listing Videos & Flyers, Open House Videos, Testimonial Videos, Infomercials, & more.  Plus we also provide services to our clients that range from dedicated support, social posting, professional websites, and an exclusive Lead Generation program to help agents grow business for their current listings.

In addition to the products and services we offer, we also provide useful resources to help educate our clients about current digital marketing trends via our blog.  The entire team at Zentap is dedicated to the success of each and every one of our clients.  

Meet The Zentap Team

Eyal Cohen - Co-Founder & CEO

Since co-starting Zentap Eyal has taken on almost every role in the company to not only understand the different facets of the business but also to understand the nuances of our customer journey and better servicing them while delivering the most valuable product. As CEO of Zentap, Eyal is helping revolutionize the real estate industry through automated data-driven content solutions and marketing technologies to help real estate professionals effectively market their business and build their brand.  Eyal was also just recently featured in Yahoo News and selected as a recipient of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 List And this is just the beginning!

Orr Yakobi | Zentap Chief Technology Officer

Orr Yakobi - Chief Technology Officer

Ruby on Rails enthusiast with a passion for clean code. Orr Yakobi is a first-generation college graduate with a Math and Computer Science degree from the University of California, San Diego.  He oversees all of our Zentap products and our powerful dashboard.  Orr spends countless hours leading the product team to ensure that what we offer our clients is the best product out there and is always coming up with innovative updates and offerings.  When he’s not working around the clock, Orr spends time with his fiancée and family. Also, sometimes as a deejay!

David Atmajoana | Zentap's Chief Growth Officer

David Atmajoana - Chief Growth Officer

David is a very important part of our company.  His dedication and effort across all facets from marketing, to product, to customer service and beyond has helped the company grow substantially.

Not only is David a hard worker, when he has free time he enjoys surfing and is also a yoga instructor!

Betty Gabbaie | Zentap CMO

Betty Gabbaie - Chief Marketing Officer

Betty is a marketing, communications, advertising, and social media professional with over 20 years of experience. She spent 10 years with Herbalife launching their social media presence and creating online tools and also ran digital marketing and PR for the leading women’s fashion direct selling brand Cabi Clothing. Betty has also worked with global brands such as Honda Motors, am/pm, as well as startups and small businesses.

Betty also teaches various marketing courses at UCLA Extension and loves to spend time with her three boys when she is not working!

Rachael Galloway | Zentap Marketing Diretcor

Rachael Galloway - Marketing Director

Rachael has served in a variety of branding & creative marketing roles with over 10 years of experience, working for various e-commerce companies.  Prior to working for Zentap she spent 4 years working for VersaDesk and is responsible for the successful launch of the brand. Overseeing content creation and marketing strategies.  

During that time she produced the viral brand awareness YouTube video “Do You Have A Sitty Life?” and the “End The Sit Show” campaign.  This video and campaign won a Gold W3 for Branded Video in 2018.  Due to this success, Rachael has been invited to speak at various conferences about How To Dominate Video Trends and Rapidly Grow Your Business. 

Stephanie James - Exec. Account Manager

Meet Stephanie, she is one of the first four people who helped launch Zentap and now works as an Executive Account Manager.  She is passionate about all things personal development + sales and helping our clients increase their online presence.

Stephanie has experienced firsthand how visibility for a Real Estate Agent is essential to success in today’s digital landscape. She recently purchased her first home in Arizona and completed the real estate transaction virtually!

Nadia Ross - Account Manager & Co-Founder

Nadia is one of the founding members of Zentap and one of our rockstar Account Managers.  This role is a perfect fit for Nadia because she has the opportunity to focus on three things she is very passionate about client success, sales, and social media marketing.

Nadia loves helping clients achieve their goals by working hand-in-hand with our client success team to learn and implement the latest marketing and real estate trends that real estate agents can benefit from.

Fun fact about Nadia – she wasn’t always passionate about a career in marketing and sales. She actually quit law school to pursue this journey.  Sounds a bit crazy, but for Nadia ” the opportunity to work with incredible people and build something unique from the ground up was worth deviating from ‘the safe route’.”

Dylan Meyer - Miami Sales

Dylan Meyer directs Zentap’s South Florida location. His strong suits are critical thinking and communication. Dylan started out his professional career as a Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams NYC where he specialized in Midtown Manhattan Luxury rentals.

After two years in the business, Dylan moved to Miami where he continued his real estate career with EWM Realty (a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate) where he focused on helping real estate investors in South Florida. Dylan joined Zentap to use his experience as a real estate professional to help Zentap help their clients.

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