4 Facts That Will Make You Re-Think Your Marketing Practices

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Understanding more about agents is important because knowing who your industry competitors are will give you opportunities to exploit their weaknesses. The way you run property marketing is extremely important for 2 different reasons. Not only does it impact how efficiently you are able to market and sell your client’s home, but it also serves as proof of your abilities. It shows potential listers what you could do for them. When you are marketing your listings, both buyers and sellers are watching. Here are 4 facts that will make you re-think your marketing practices!

Some 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to sell property… Yet according to sellers, only 10% of their real estate agents effectively used video to market their property

If these stats don’t tell you how important video marketing is and how over-looked it still is, nothing will. As a seller, if you had to choose between two agents, wouldn’t you want to hire the one that gives you the best chance of selling your home quickly and efficiently through the use of today’s technology?

By 2022, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. It’s a lot easier to consume information in video format and there is a much higher retention rate. Consumers rule the market and know the importance of video. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Netflix every night. They know what they like and how they like to be communicated to and sold to.

Show them why you are the right person to hire and that you know how to list their home and get the job done. You either benefit from the usage of video or allow your competitors to benefit. Remember, the more time passes, the more competition there will be. It’s important to get in early to gain a competitive edge! Make sure to read our prior blog post if you want to learn more about about how the use of video can increase your performance as a real estate professional!

When asked about the most important trait they look for in a real estate agent, prospective home sellers chose “professional reputation” most often…

But how to you build that? Using data driven videos to market your listings and update people on their local area is a great way to show your level of expertise. Another way to show potential clients your professionalism is by leveraging reviews! Whatever you buy online, chances are you looked at reviews before making the purchase. We really value other people’s opinions… And we should. What if you could display your reviews in video form? Our services allow you to present WHY you can be trusted in the most professional way possible. All in just a few minutes. If you’re interested in getting more information about those particular services and what they can do to your business, click here!


You NEED to target millennials

Given the high volume of first-time homebuyers currently occupying rental housing, targeting your lead generation toward rental communities seems like a great way to build your client base. Millennial homebuyers are considered the most important segment of all buyers. Why is that? A lot of them don’t plan on being in their first home long term. We all know what that means… If you are able to cultivate a good relationship, you can get multiple transaction out of a client!


About 75% of sellers sell their home with the first agent they interview

This statistic highlights how important it is to have a strong network. That means online as well. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups! Introduce yourself, study people’s behaviors and respond to their questions. From there, you can always friend request and direct message people with whom you are creating rapport. If you’re looking for a detailed guide to growing your network through Facebook groups, make sure to read our blog about it!

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