7 Strategies To Get More Leads Online! 

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Generating real estate leads online is an intimidating task for many agents who may not know where to begin. When it comes to finding leads and bringing in new business, the internet is a fantastic tool when used correctly. We bring you 7 strategies to get more leads online!

1. Reaching out Directly to Potential Buyers

Think of direct messaging as the new door knocking… if you knocked on a hundred doors, odds are you would get two or more leads. The same goes for direct outreach on social media platforms. There is nothing to risk besides increasing your overall brand awareness and finding potential buyers for your listings. 

The proper approach to direct messaging is to introduce yourself and let the prospect know that you are happy to answer any real estate related question if they ever arise. Even if the social media user you have reached out to is not looking to buy a home in the current market, odds are they will remember your name when they are!

TIP: Dedicate a few hours each week to send direct messages with a link to your website landing page. Don’t have the time? Click here to speak with a team member to learn about our managed services.

2. Following up with Direct Leads within 24 Hours

Let’s say you have spent an hour or so the day before sending out messages to potential buyers pitching your real estate capabilities and current listings. Now what? The 24- hour follow up is just as important as the initial message. It highlights your dedication to helping them find their dream home and showcases your reliability. Eighty percent of leads typically require five or more follow up messages/phone calls after the initial introduction. Selling a listing after just one exchange is unheard of.

When you quickly respond to your leads, you prove they are important to you, which builds the trust necessary to hire you. Instead of focusing on getting a new motivated seller or qualified buyer, focus on building a connection and trust. That will keep them in your network to send future listings to.

TIP: Start with asking the prospect if they have any questions about buying or selling before qualifying them. Don’t rush into trying to get a new client. Build a relationship by providing knowledge and clarity. 

3. Checking your Zentap Chatbot Consistently

If you signed up for one of our Zentap packages, you should be taking advantage of our Chatbot feature. A chatbot is your online Facebook assistant that captures leads while you are out there on the field, automatically prequalifies buyers, and helps you identify motivated sellers. 

A Harvard Business Review study showed that potential leads are 100 times more likely to become clients when contacted in five minutes rather than 30. To stay on top of all your Chatbot leads, download the Facebook Pages Manager mobile app and turn on your push notifications. Once the Chatbot has gathered relative data you can manually take over conversations and respond to your prospects. What could be better than a system gathering potential leads for you 24/7 even while you are sleeping? To learn more about Chatbot please feel free to schedule a demo with us today! 

4. Interact on Forums

There is no better way to showcase your real estate knowledge than questions asked by potential leads on online forums. Websites such as Quora and Reddit are flooded with questions geared towards real estate agents and brokers daily. 

Researching questions frequently asked by potential home buyers is a great way to prepare for open houses and get your name out there. Answering a simple question from a baby boomer about downsizing their home could result in a dual agency deal. There is no downside to putting yourself and your real estate knowledge out there on forums. Not only will you help by answering commonly asked questions; you will build and generate leads organically.

5. Create Appealing Content for your Target Audience 

While Zentap is here to ensure your social media presence is active, relevant, and professional it doesn’t hurt to showcase some of your unique personality traits. Take a selfie tour through one of your homes and post it online to personalize your approach to buyers. Share informative blog posts and articles via email and text message with your referral base! The more buyers and sellers see your face and name…the better! 

Let potential leads see your personality on top of your professionalism. To generate more trust within your business relationships, show your personality, and engage with prospect posts by liking, commenting, and sharing your referral base’s posts.

6. Amplifying your Ad Budget for Maximum Results 

As the old saying goes- “it takes money to make money” and the same applies to real estate and your advertising budget. The bigger your ad spend, the more leads you generate, and the most listings and qualified buyers you will get. Generally speaking, there is about a 1%-2% conversion ratio with online buyer and seller leads. With Zentap’s in-depth audience targeting, we can place your Facebook ad in front of the right person, at the right time. Regarding brand awareness and page traffic, typically for every $1 spent, you should be seeing 50 or so website visitors. More visibility equals more website clicks, more phone calls, and more potential leads! 

7. Commit to Keeping up with Social Media Trends 

Social media is ever-changing and new social apps are gaining traction and popularity. Staying in the know about current trends and social media platforms is crucial. It will help you decide which platform is best for you to reach your audience. For instance, most empty-nesters looking to downsize will use Facebook for their daily social media scroll. Millennials and first time home buyers are more likely to be on Instagram or LinkedIn. Knowing which age range is on what platform can help you curate platform-specific content. Zentap is here to help you with all of your social media needs, so if you are ever feeling overwhelmed feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team of experts and we will be happy to help.

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