Are you making these real estate marketing mistakes?

Real estate marketing is all about building trust with your community and providing them with valuable content.

When you’re inconsistent, it sends the wrong message. That means…


  • Going days, weeks, or months without posting on your social media accounts
  • Having a different headshot or contact info for each social account or on your website
  • And not being clear about your expertise (are you a luxury specialist? A condo expert? An ally for first-time home buyers?)

The name of the game is consistency and taking every opportunity to connect with the right clients and prospects.

That’s why we’re giving you a FREE social media strategy call. No strings, all support.

There’s just a few months left in the year (and the decade!), and we want to help you go out with a bang… and make 2020 the most effective year of real estate marketing you’ve ever had.

Schedule your free social media strategy call here.

Cheers to your success!

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