How To Create And Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

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Creating a Facebook Business Page is essential to staying top-of-mind as a real estate professional in 2020. With 2 billion + monthly active users, it’s a platform that can’t be ignored. In this blog, we show you how to create and optimize your Facebook business page.

Create it!

Go to and click on “Create a page” in the top right-hand corner. From there, you select “local business” as the business type. Then, enter your business information- such as the name, address, phone number, and business category. The category is basically a sub-type from what you originally chose. In this case: Real Estate. Finally, click on “Get started”.

Add Pictures

Next, add a profile picture, usually your logo or a high-resolution headshot. Then, upload your cover photo. This will be the most prominent visual on your page so make sure it captures the essence of your brand and is visually appealing. Make sure to have the right format of photo- 820 X 312 pixels on desktop and 640 X 360 on mobile devices.

Name It. Describe It.

Click “Add a short description”. Be concise- you’re only allowed to use 155 characters. Use the keywords “real estate” or “real estate agent” and the location (city or country) you practice within the first 155 characters. This will help your page get more exposure by being more visible in Facebook’s search engine. Click save when done.

Next, click “Create Username”. Include your name followed by your title or the name of your business. Once you’re done, click “Ok”.

About Section

Click “About” in the left-hand menu of your Facebook page. Add specific business details like your start date, contact information, and other social media accounts. Add specific details about your real estate expertise and the type of clients you best serve. To add more specific details about your business, click “Edit Story” on the right side of the Page and add a detailed description of the type of buyers and sellers you serve. customers and why they should like the You can then click “Edit Page Info” on the top right and make sure to specify the location and business hours of your service. To finish, click “Save changes”.

Use It!

That’s pretty much it for the creation of the page. From there, it’s about using it. Create your first post! It will give people a better reason to follow directly if they see that you are active and sharing your listings, blogs, articles about real estate or anything that can be valuable to them. Remember, it’s all about the consumer. In this situation, the visitors of your FB page. It’s all about providing value for them.

Invite People!

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to like and follow your page! In order for this to be as effective as possible, we suggest you have a few informational posts already up before sending the invite. It shows people that you are active and will be giving them valuable information and therefore an extra incentive to like/follow the page.


Be sure to respond to people who comment on, or share, your posts. Also, respond to Facebook messages as soon as possible. To do so, download the Facebook Pages Manager application on your mobile phone. Facebook will display your average response time, so this is critical. Don’t have time? Let us know and we can install a chatbot to respond automatically. During down time, reach out to people in your personal network on Facebook.

Now Optimize it!

The second part of this “How to create and optimize your Facebook business page” blog is about making sure to optimize your performance on the platform.

Add Call To Action

By default, Facebook adds a “Send Message” button to encourage visitors to contact you through Facebook Messenger. You can change this and make it more personalized to allow visitors book an appointment or set up a call/interview for example. To customize your CTA, hover your mouse over the Send Message button on your Facebook Page, then select “Edit” Button. Choose the type of button you want, then select the specific message to appear on the button. When you’re happy with your choice, click Next.

Pinned Post

Is there an important piece of information or a special promotion you want to make sure everybody sees when they come to your page? Add it to the top of your feed by pinning it. No matter what you post on the daily, this important piece of information will stay at the top of your feed and be in front of eyeballs. You do this by creating a post, sharing it and then clicking the three dots on the top right of the post to finally click “Pin to top of page”.

Like and interact


Yes, having a Facebook page represents having an extension of your business on the platform. But it can and SHOULD be so much more. To truly take advantage of it, you have to make sure you interact with the community. Go like other pages (obviously not competitors), show interest in their content, and give your opinion and knowledge by joining conversations within locally based Facebook groups. The goal is to make sure you are a part of the conversation. Get in front of people’s eyeballs.


Learn and adapt with Page insights. It’s imperative for you to use the data insights you get from the page to your advantage. Test different types of content and see what works best by monitoring engagement levels and what demographic your content truly speaks to. A key feature of Facebook insights is knowing who click on your CTA’s (Call to action), website, phone number and address. That means you know who exactly are the people that show interest in your service or product.

If you have any issues/questions regarding how to create and optimize your Facebook business page or feel like you don’t have the resources to make your page as vibrant and attracting as you would like, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we offer full service management consulting for your Facebook page

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