How To Grow Your Network Using Facebook Groups

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We get it, networking might not be at the top of your to-do list. It can be time-consuming and depending on your personality, draining, and awkward. When your schedule is already packed with work and family-related commitments, making room for small talks with strangers does not sound exciting. But let’s face it, making connections is imperative. The power a strong professional network is undeniable and that’s why most of us end up going to those events: Because it gives us a competitive edge. Believe it or not, the same thing can be done from your couch. Nowadays, growing your network can be done with social media… at a much larger scale. Here’s how to grow your network using Facebook groups.

The internet is much more efficient. The number of people you will meet at an event will always be restricted by the number of people that showed up as well as time and your energy level. With social media groups, all that can be done at scale while removing those variables. In this blog, we will explain to you in detail how to take advantage of Facebook groups and make the most of this powerful networking tool.

First of all, we need to find and join those groups. Type your local city name into the Facebook search bar, then click “Groups”. From there, you will have a list of every group in your area. Send requests for ALL for them. Once you get accepted, make sure to read the rules and guidelines of each group just to make sure the admin has no reason to kick you out or be on your bad side. From there, here’s how to grow your network using Facebook groups…

Introduce Yourself

 Once you’re in the groups, it’s like real life: You need to introduce yourself. Make a post on the group to say who you are, why you are happy to now be a part of the group and find a clever way to tell them what your profession is and how you can help them. Depending on what type of group it is (real estate, lawyers, doctors, local community, food, etc.), your message should be different and tailored. Fill out your profile completely so that if people check out your profile, they immediately know that you’re a realtor.


Study and Engage

Now that your first introductory post has been published, the goal is to stay in front of people’s eyeballs and stay active. It’s about making yourself a part of the community. The truth is, most people in those groups never participate in conversations. That’s why it is easy to stand out from the crowd by being active. Whether it’s about posting local market report videos (something you can have by using our services) or simply talking about news from your area, as long as you are active you will get people’s attention.

It’s not all about your posting. It’s about being present and engaging with people. Answer people’s questions and comment on their posts. You might want to enable notifications on your phone (for real estate groups at least) to make sure you don’t miss anything and are the first to comment and answer!


Reach out and build rapport

From there, it’s about building rapport with the people who engage with your posts or like/respond to your comments. Engage in conversations with them. Feed the ego. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them directly. Use direct messaging or even friend request them if it doesn’t feel too pushy. No, they might not need your services at any time in their lives, but their friend might. And you’ll be top of mind when that happens.

Now, it’s time to rinse and repeat…

Of course, this will take some time out of your schedule every week but it’s time well invested. If you need help managing your social media presence or don’t have the time to create branded quality content, request your free trial to step up your marketing game!

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