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5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Listings

5 Beginner Realtor Tips for Listings

Every Realtor loves Listings, being a listing agent is guaranteed commission as long as you close before your contract ends. Once you close the contract, now you need to close the listing.   This is the first post of our Realtor Listings Series. Here we will give you some basic tips on to better showcase your listing.

1) Promote all of your listings on every social media outlet you can.

When you promote your listings well through social media, you will see noticeable results. Utilizing every possible outlet reaches a greater audience due to the fact that not every social media user uses the same platforms.

2) Construct great real estate listing copy to make your listing appealing.

Writing copy is valuable to your clients as pictures can only convey so much. Make sure that your copy is not too lengthy and only contains the most vital and unique details of your listing.

3) Get your listing the most views as possible by utilizing video.

Video content is now the algorithm friendly norm for online platforms like Google and Facebook. Creating your listing into a video will give your listing more of an organic reach in today’s digital ecosystem.

4) Get your listing on Online Listing Platforms

Post your listings on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. As a result, your listings will get free traffic from the users on the website. The more eyes on your property, the higher of a chance you will find a suitable buyer.

5) Network with Realtors

Having a strong network of realtors allows you to find buyers for your listing most efficiently. If you know a Realtor who works with a particular price point, you will be able to close faster. As a result, increase your reputation among your market.

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