Why Real Estate Agents Must Utilize Social Media

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The Lowdown On Social Media For Real Estate

Social media can be a valuable tool for real estate agents.  Successful realtors leverage their social platforms to grow their reach and establish their brand. By properly utilizing social media, they are able to capitalize on this.  Ultimately turning those additional views into clients.  The social savvy agent is using their social platforms at every stage of marketing; prospecting, sales, and brand building.

The Facts About Leveraging Social Media for Agents Are In

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), social media has become a key marketing channel for a vast majority of realtors. Here are some of the key findings about agents who use it, as published by NAR.

The stats speak for themselves. It’s clear that real estate agents who use social media are winning.  What you probably are wondering now is how?  How do realtors leverage these different social platforms? Continue reading to find out!


Social Media Posting Best Practices

There are 3.6 billion people on social media, making it the best place to post your listings.  Giving you the maximum opportunity for your listings to be seen and to generate leads.

Successful agents use social media to post pics of current listings.  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become very popular for real estate advertising.  These are the platforms you should be utilizing to market your business.

But, you should not just be posting listings.  You should also post supporting content that supports why they are the “go-to” agent in their area.  Content such as local market information, customer testimonials, and other informative marketing videos. This helps you by not only staying top of mind, but by also being seen as the expert in the community.

Social Media Hashtags | ZentapYou can reach an even wider audience, by utilizing proper hashtags.  The number of hashtags you should use vary based on the social media platform.  For Instagram, you should use a mix of 30 small (10K -100k), medium (100K -250K), and big hashtags (250K+).  Focusing mainly on the small and medium-size hashtags so you don’t get drowned out.  For LinkedIn & Facebook, you should use 2-3 hashtags most relevant to your post topic.

If you don’t know where to start when generating hashtags to use.  There are great tools on the internet for this.  Such as Ingrammer.  There are many other tools as well.

Promoting Social Media Post Best Practices

You need to promote your posts to reach an even wider audience than you can organically.  All social platforms have a way of doing it. Facebook calls it “boosting” LinkedIn and Instagram call it promoting.  You don’t need a large budget to do this on social media.  That makes it a great and inexpensive way to expand your social sphere.

A boosted or promoted post will be seen even by people who are not on your friends’ list, bringing you an influx of additional engagement.  People who do not follow you and would never normally see your posts will now see them.  You are able to do some targeting to these as well.

You can narrow it down to what area you want the post to be shown in, by what demographics, and what age.  Facebook and Instagram consider Real Estate to be in what they refer to as a “special ad category”.  Due to this, you cannot get too granular with demographic interests, but you are still able to do some targeting.  With LinkedIn, you can get much more granular.  However, LinkedIn ads have a higher CPC (cost per click).

We suggest testing out the platforms to see which ones you get the best results from.  When you find out this, stick with it then optimize and grow on it.

In Summary…

If you are new to social media or need help managing your social campaigns and want help, Zentap offers a variety of solutions designed specifically for real estate agents.  Platforms constantly update their rules and products so often.  This is why many of our customers rely on us to manage their social media or lead generation efforts.  This way they can focus on closing the deals!

Check out zentap.com/automated-social-media-posting/ to find out more.

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